About Azerbaijan

Selling itself as the 'Land of Fire', Azerbaijan is a tangle of contrasts. Neither Europe nor Asia, it's a nexus of ancient historical empires, but also a ‘new’ nation rapidly transforming itself with a super-charged gust of petrol-spending.

The cosmopolitan capital, Baku, rings a UNESCO listed ancient core with dazzling 21st-century architecture and sits on the oil-rich Caspian Sea. In the surrounding semi-desert are mud volcanoes and curious fire phenomena. Yet barely one hour’s drive away, timeless rural villages, clad in lush orchards and backed by the soaring Great Caucasus mountains are a dramatic contrast.

Azerbaijan is a country of unique nature, unmatched culture, centuries of history with its customs and traditions; a place which will satisfy the expectations of the most sophisticated gastronomists, and finally, it is the country of Caucasian hospitality and friendliness.

Azerbaijan is located on South Caucasus, on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The population of Azerbaijan exceeds 9.8 million and the territory covers an area of 86 600 square kilometers. Azerbaijan shares borders with Iran, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, and Armenia.

Historically a part of the Great Silk Road, Azerbaijan has an amazing historical and cultural heritage with more than 7500 natural, archeological, architectural, and historical monuments. All of this is just a small part of the country’s rich and priceless heritage.

It is said that everyone who visits this amazing land leaves a little piece of his soul here. So, come and be our guest. Leave a little piece of yourself, in order to return endlessly. 

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